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20 Cheap Automation Tricks for Your On-Prem and Cloud Chores TBDDavid Stein • Nathan Ziehnert Automation for Evil 2 - The Dreaded Sequel TBDGreg Ramsey • Donnie Taylor Behind the Curtain - The Automation Behind MMS TBDGreg Ramsey • Donnie Taylor First steps for securing your scripts TBDJeff Scripter • Ryan Ephgrave From Azure Automation to Azure Functions TBDAleksandar Nikolic • Donnie Taylor Getting Started with VSCode and GitHub TBDSteve Buchanan • Jordan Benzing Graph API in action: Introduction & Hands-on examples on how to automate using the Graph API TBDSandy (Yinghua) Zeng • Moataz Elgaml I'm Givin'er All She's Got! Add More "Power" to Microsoft Endpoint Manager TBDNathan Ziehnert • Greg Ramsey My Favorite Automation-Enabling PowerShell Modules TBDDavid Stein • Nathan Ziehnert Performance PowerShell TBDScott Corio • Nathan Ziehnert PowerShell GUIs - Deeper than ever TBDMerlijn Van Waeyenberghe • Stephen Owen Working with REST APis TBDStephen Owen • Scott Corio Azure Arc for servers - Part 1: (update title) The future of on-premises configuration management TBDAleksandar Nikolic • Thomas Maurer Desktop Analtyics and how to use it for your next Win10 upgrade TBDMatthew Hudson • Matt Call The Log Analytics of MEM! TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Steve Hosking Zero to Hero with Windows Virtual Desktop TBDDonna Ryan • Travis Roberts ¡Kusto te gusto! TBDCameron Fuller • Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe MEM Product Team Q&A - Drinking & Thinking TBDAaron Czechowski Microsoft Endpoint Manager - State of the Union TBDKent Agerlund • Ryan Ephgrave MMS Quiz Night TBDKim Oppalfens • Kent Agerlund MMS Tips & Tricks Showcase TBDBrian Mason • Benjamin Reynolds Public Speaking Mistakes – Live! TBDCameron Fuller • Jason Sandys The Beer that Azure Brewed TBDDonnie Taylor • Scott Corio • Nathan Ziehnert Become a Resource, Networking, and Social Superstar! TBDHarjit Dhaliwal • David Stein Consulting secrets revealed: Being a better consultant and how you can get more from your consultants TBDCameron Fuller • Steve Buchanan How to succeed in the IT career field TBDCameron Fuller • Steve Buchanan Let's talk about docs, baby! TBDAaron Czechowski • Adam Gross So, you want to be a Microsoft MVP? Or do you… TBDCameron Fuller • Jason Sandys Azure Sentinel: Hunting Advanced Adversaries TBDPeter Zerger • Bert Wolters Everything you wanted to know about BitLocker but were afraid to ask (BitLocker Deep Dive) TBDNiall Brady • Mark Godfrey How to secure & reduce your attack surface on Intune devices with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP) TBDMerlijn Van Waeyenberghe • Kenny Buntinx Mapping the Cyber Kill Chain: Anatomy of a Hack TBDPeter Zerger • Bert Wolters Microsoft Threat Protection: Advanced Cyber Hunting Techniques in Action TBDPeter Zerger • Shaun Cassells How to put work back into the workflow through a more holistic understanding of device performance and digital employee experience TBDShaun Cassells • 1E Make Configuration Manager Faster and More Efficient TBDKollective Put your unmanaged Mac and iOS devices into MEM without Intune TBDParallels The Right (click) Tools for ConfigMgr TBDGary Blok • Bryan Dam • Mark Godfrey • Recast Software Workspace ONE for Microsoft Endpoint Manager TBDVmware ConfigMgr and Power BI Better Together TBDTim Knapp • Jordan Benzing Deep Dive ConfigMgr and Power BI TBDTim Knapp • Matthew Teegarden Mastering Windows Server/SQL Server Performance TBDSteve Thompson • Benjamin Reynolds MEMCM/SQL HA Update TBDBrian Mason • Steve Thompson • Benjamin Reynolds Power BI Deep Zone with Microsoft Endpoint Manager TBDTim Knapp • Jordan Benzing Power BI Your Way Through Your In-Place Upgrades (IPUs) TBDMike Marable • Paul Winstanley SELECT 'Intermediate Query Writing' FROM MMS_Sessions WHERE Language = 'SQL'; TBDGarth Jones • Benjamin Reynolds SELECT 'T-SQL Basics' FROM MMS_Sessions WHERE Language = 'SQL'; TBDGarth Jones • Benjamin Reynolds Software Update Reporting: Data Deep Dive TBDGarth Jones • Bryan Dam The Accidental SQL Administrator--you thought you were just a ConfigMgr admin? think again! TBDSherry Kissinger • Steve Thompson 10 things you should know before going modern management TBDSteve Hosking • Kenny Buntinx A Geek's Guide to ConfigMgr Troubleshooting TBDMikael Nystrom • Johan Arwidmark Advanced Device & Application Management in Intune TBDMaurice Daly • Nickolaj Andersen App mining: Data-mining your apps. TBDMatthew Hudson • Jeff Scripter Application management for Windows 10 in Intune TBDTimmy Andersson • Melissa Carlson Automate ALL THE THINGS with PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit TBDDaniel Ratliff • Chris Thomas Big Automations in a Big Environment! TBDStephen Owen • Ryan Ephgrave Building a BIOS Management Framework TBDGary Blok • Mike Terrill Comparing Microsoft Configuration Management Platforms TBDPaul Winstanley • David Stein ConfigMgr Community Tools: 2020 Edition TBDJörgen Nilsson • Chris Thomas Create your own ConfigMgr Console Extensions TBDMark Godfrey • Ryan Ephgrave Deep Dive into ConfigMgr AdminService - Do anything to your clients from anywhere! TBDGreg Ramsey • Adam Gross Deep Dive – Migration from GPO’s to MDM Profiles TBDMaurice Daly • Nickolaj Andersen Defending the Castle (The Demo-only edition!) TBDKim Oppalfens • Tom Degreef Dissecting Windows Updates: There will be blood. TBDNiall Brady • Meghan Stewart Dissecting WSUS: There will be gore TBDBryan Dam • Meghan Stewart Finding All the Things in Configuration Manager TBDSherry Kissinger • Paul Wetter From unsupported to supported - how do we figure this out? TBDJeff Scripter • Ryan Ephgrave Getting in the Weeds with CM Applications TBDCaleb Lund • Paul Wetter Hey ... What Does this Button Do? Co-Management Workloads Explained TBDMatthew Teegarden • John Marcum How to Get Your Cloud Services Secured with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Azure AD TBDTim De Keukelaere • Peter Daalmans Intune Win32app vs. ConfigMgr App model - Deathmatch TBDJason Sandys • Jörgen Nilsson Keep it simple when deploying Office 365 TBDDoug Wilson • Dawn Wertz Letting Intune do the Patching TBDBryan Dam • Melissa Carlson Manage your Android devices TBDTim De Keukelaere • Peter Daalmans Manage your Apple Devices TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Peter Daalmans Managing ConfigMgr Client Health TBDDawn Wertz • Johan Arwidmark Microsoft Connected Cache 101 TBDPhil Wilcock • Andreas Hammarskjöld Microsoft Endpoint Manager - ConfigMgr - Back to the Basics TBDHarjit Dhaliwal • Matthew Teegarden Migrating a Huge Enterprise to Intune TBDMatthew Hudson • Moataz Elgaml More data! More data in CM! TBDSherry Kissinger • Matthew Teegarden Need a hybrid Identity? You can't just simply deploy Azure AD Connect TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Nickolaj Andersen Networking 101 - Learn how to talk to the networking team! TBDAndreas Hammarskjöld • Daniel Havey Owning One to Rule Them All - Cloud style TBDKim Oppalfens • Tom Degreef Protecting the Windows 10 Galaxy with Intune TBDKenny Buntinx • Melissa Carlson Rewriting your task sequence story with PowerShell TBDDaniel Ratliff • Andrew Jimenez Role-based access control (RBAC) with Microsoft Intune TBDSandy (Yinghua) Zeng • Timmy Andersson Serverless Branch with ConfigMgr Myth vs Reality TBDDoug Wilson • Steve Jesok The Holy Grail of Driver Management TBDMaurice Daly • Nickolaj Andersen The Kiosk to Success - Building out the perfect kiosk device TBDMike Marable • Paul Winstanley Thriving with ConfigMgr in an EDU environment TBDDoug Wilson • Andrew Jimenez Toss the Task Sequence : Deploy Windows 10 Feature Updates using Windows Servicing TBDJulie Andreacola • Adam Gross Troubleshoot ConfigMgr with Microsoft Support Center TBDKim Oppalfens • Tom Degreef User Friendly App Deployments TBDCaleb Lund • Paul Wetter User State Management - Choose Your Path! TBDJörgen Nilsson • Mark Godfrey What's new in ConfigMgr (working title) TBDTim De Keukelaere • Steve Jesok Where did my content go? TBDDawn Wertz • Steve Jesok Who Needs a Console? Managing Applications with Powershell TBDDaniel Ratliff • Andrew Jimenez Windows Admin Center - Whats New and Awesome! TBDMikael Nystrom • Thomas Maurer Windows as a Service in the Enterprise 1909 Edition TBDGary Blok • Mike Terrill Windows Server OSD - Not the same as Client OSD, far from TBDMikael Nystrom • Mike Terrill Johan and Donna's DISM Deep Dive Discussion. Dude! TBDJohan Arwidmark • Donna Ryan Managing Browsers in a Multi-browser World TBDDaniel Ratliff • Andrew Jimenez Microsoft Networking - State of the Union TBDAndreas Hammarskjöld • Daniel Havey MSIX-tra Curricular Session TBDJohn Vintzel • Sharla Akers Notes from the Field - Troubleshooting Windows 10 Upgrades TBDJulie Andreacola • Paul Winstanley Using MSIX as THE Installer for your Enterprise TBDJohn Vintzel • Sharla Akers Using Scripts and Automation to be creative with Windows Autopilot TBDMichael Niehaus • Donna Ryan Windows 10 Customizations -The Aftermath TBDJörgen Nilsson • Mark Godfrey Windows Autopilot: Compare your options TBDMichael Niehaus • Matthew Teegarden Windows Autopilot: Latest news, features, and capabilities TBDMichael Niehaus • John Marcum Windows Sub-systems - an Explorer's Guide TBDShaun Cassells • Jeff Scripter • Stephen Owen